AKRA Legal Springs are in...15.00/set

These new Hi Tension valve springs pass all 2013 technical specifications and provide significantly more nose pressure for extended periods on engines turning 6100+ RPM than all other AKRA legal springs. They are made from a new material that does a far better job of resisting spring tension loss when the springs are consistently compressed to solid height (aka excessive valve float). If you are running a blue plate or an unrestricted box stock class engine, these springs are the new standard for "legal" box stock springs. Sold as a pair.

From Race City Race Parts, Inc.

We have another part that will get you .2 horsepower plus

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Congratulations to Tony Gaylord on his win of $20,000 at the Insane Race.  Also, congrats to Michael Schumacher of Shu-Power for having his motor win while using Race City Springs!  3/4 of the field at the Insane race had our springs in their engines.  We are very proud of this, since they have only been on the market for 2 months.

As with all parts, each individual piece should be checked for compliance before adding to any engine.  We can not be held responsible for anything done to the springs after they leave here.  
*All springs being shipped to Racers are AKRA tested.*

*All springs  bought bulk will need to be tested by the purchaser.*

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